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In the Cloud House

I got into Cloud House last night. My entire trip to New York has been wonderful, from the moment I arrived at the airport in Seattle I was ushered through “fast” security in which I didn’t have to take off my shoes or go through the human sized x-ray machine. I sat in a exit row seat in a special section that gave me free drinks and a lunch, it was like flying in the 90’s all over again!


Once in NYC I saw my aunt and uncle, visited with friends, went on adventures, really ate up the city. Then I hopped on a train and took the beautiful Hudson line north into New York State.

#Hudson north

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Now I’m at Cloud House and ready to get to work. Our main objectives are to organize some ideas and practices into meme style images. Work on processes at each of our schools around offerings and adding new facilitators along with creating parent and ALF agreements.

We’ve got 7 days, let’s see how much we can get done!

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