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Month: November 2014

Back to School

I’m coming off a long week in Oakland CA where I attended the non-profit #WebDevTech Summit and stayed in UC Berkeley’s coop Lothlorien. I’ll write more on that later I’m sure. Today I woke up late to breakfast served by jackie. We then went through our morning meeting and after taking a bit longer than expected …

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Drewing and Doings

Another week at ALC Everett! I’m coming off a big high from this weekend which was spent at the Bioneers conference at the beautiful Whidbey Institute Sanctuary on Whidbey Island, which I will post more about later. We started the week off by setting the week, I’m excited  about tomorrow when our friend Sweetwater will be talking …

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Building a Minecraft World

Today we had a really fun project, to build the Glacier Park property in Minecraft!   Here’s the satellite image of the site.   I took some measurements in Google Earth and put them on a picture for all the guys.Here’s where we got so far. I set some other intentions today, but didn’t get …

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Cooking and Code

Today was the first day with our visiting facilitator @Abe! We played a new variation on our intention setting game. Rather than just go around in a circle stating out intentions we shared intentions in pairs, then we swapped partners and shared intentions again, after that we grew our groups and shared each other’s intentions …

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