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Month: February 2015

Conditional Rights

How do we share ownership online? I want this website to be shared, but it’s currently locked up inside my head and inside my user’s privileges. I am the admin of this website, I have all the keys and can turn all the nobs. Each subsequent admin must go through me, pass my test of …

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Peas and Disk

Tarcca, a friend of the students, visited today. Before starting our day we watched the latest episode of Last Week Tonight: I’m really liking John Oliver’s show. It’s well researched and so very pro-people. Many of his segments are also attached to culture jamming campaigns, like the one on Tobacco where they took out ads in …

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Goals and Frisbee

We played an awesome game of Two Boots today at the park. I had the kids help me add engine oil to my car, though I’m afraid I might have overfilled it… I’ll check tomorrow. I started to map out some of my 2015 goals. I’m expanding my Kanban to manage goals, I’ll write a blog post …

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Clay and Climbing Trees

Nick and I were again the only people at ALC Everett this morning. We found some clay and played with it a bit. Nick’s is on the left, mine on the right.   I then played some Ukulele while Nick fooled around on the piano. After that the Sterlings came back and we all went …

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Back from/to Paradise!

Today’s my first day back in school. It’s also the first day with some of the kids going to the local public homeschool resource program. So it was just Nick, Jurr, and myself here today for nearly the whole day. We started the day off doing some exercise. Jurr (@thetypicaldonger) introduced me to these cool …

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