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Group Goals Kanban

This is my proposal for a group goal setting kanban as outlined in a post about ALC Everett’s group kanbans. As you can see, from Today column to the right is much the same as v1. The new areas are labeled with letters. Idea area Ideas under exploration Ready ideas Active ideas (doing) Tasks goals for …

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I’m not grouped by age

Adults lie. It’s not that we want to lie, no one wants to lie. We just–sometimes–feel like we have to. Let me ask you something. Aside from school can you name a single place where you are grouped by age? I think segregation by age sets the stage for the many lies of school. There was …

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I took an hour today to go through a few lessons over at Khan Academy on their cryptographic course. This video was really interesting, it’s amazing how a small error can make a whole world of difference: After some time with that I set out to the Chinese Grocery with Nick and Jurr. We picked …

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