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ALC Network Cheat Sheet First Look

Would love some feedback on this, especially from new ALFs



  1. Sara Casey Taleff says:

    You are so cool. This is awesome. It puts it all together and now I realize the intention behind the different modes of interaction. Love. Love. Love. The only thing I don’t get as a newbie are the hashtags listed under Slack. Should I know these tags or be using them somehow when I slack people? Thanks for filling me in and for making this awesome visual pathway for me to follow!

    • Liam says:

      Wow, good stuff Drew. Someone’s been keeping “busy” on illustrator.
      My only note is that Faci-Prac isn’t what the name of the Trello board is (it’s Facil Prac, with an “L”), and that ideally it should be consistent everywhere. But that’s a non-issue.

      @sarataleff, those hashtags are just there under Slack because Slack formats them that way. For some reason channels can’t have upper case letters or spaces and the begin with a “#”.

  2. Rochelle says:

    Super super Drew. Maybe I missed it this weekend, but was there a discussion about the higher level network membranes process? Curious to know more about how/where decision-making fits into our communication channels (and documentation/appeal thereof) — especially w/ network growth questions in mind. (On-the-ground level this is more like i.e. If I miss a network call, what do I miss? — which is probably covered in the communication charters doc you worked on, which I still need to review.)

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