1. artbrock says:

    This is a great visualization! Now we just need to be able to translate this into something that can keep up to date with this rapidly changing landscape! 😛

    What about an ALF who is also a parent? It might be worth popping some brown rhomboid corners out from behind a purple circle. I think it would be good to show that parents are not only on the outside, but even at the very center as network-holders.

    Also, an edit suggestion for your *note about the parents. That they relate to their learning center, not the NETWORK (rather than membrane). Nobody really relates to the membranes much yet.


    • artbrock says:

      Oh… and what about alumni? Or ex-parents / ex-students / ex-staff especially of ex-ALCs. I’m thinking of Will and Eric Harris-Braun as an example of people who seem like they should be on this map of our community in some way even though they’re not connected to a running ALC at the moment.

      We also may reach a point of wanting to visualize donors or partner organizations…

      I know it’s hard to come up with a way to include everything. I’m just planting seeds for continued scheming about to visualize all this.

  2. Tomis says:

    I think a diamond over/behind the ALF circles (not just purple, but parents would be facilitators or rising ALFs first) is a good idea.

    For now, I think alumni could be grouped with an additional role/category, which I would propose as “Supporters /Amplifiers”. Alumni could go into this category and flow in the ALC Involvement Ring without being inside any particular ALC.

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