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ALC Oahu Experience Day 1

The past three weeks have felt really small and empty. With spring break and two weeks missing over half our kids the energy has been a bit low and mellow. It felt a little scary even.

Today, however, began a free “experience” week here at ALC Oahu. We’ve invited interested families to come for three days and see what ALC really is. We had 10 kids plus some parents in our small room today. We set our week and played all day.


The morning meeting went really well, especially considering the ratio of new people to our culture keepers @seamus and @dyson.

I led a group out of our room and to the park where the kids organized some games.


I got to chat with the parents a bit. While talking I had a though about how we aren’t really looking to convince parents, only to display to them that we are what they’ve been searching for. Beyond just trying to keep a small collective up-and-running we really do want people that want us.

What we want also wants us.

This is a topic for another post. After the park we came back and played werewolves which the kids loved! It was so awesome to have enough people to finally play with my custom deck!


The kids really took to the whole environment. I’m excited to see how tomorrow turns out.

Read more about my time in Hawaii at the ALC Oahu 2016 Debrief page.

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