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ALC One Pagers

I’ve been working on some single page info sheets that explain ALC and some of our tools. Over the past several months these pages have grown into a nice little package. I’ve just given them a design pass to spruce them up a bit based on the work I’ve been doing developing the ALC Style Guide.

Download the Full PDF Package
Which includes:

ALC One Pager

Download ALC One Pager PDF

Agile Learning Centers (ALCs) are an expanding network of micro-schools leveraging agile tools to support self-directed education.



ALC Tree One Pager

Download ALC Tree One Pager PDF

Our tools and practices emerge as leaves on one or more branches and are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our unique ALC community.



Kanban One Pager

Download Kanban One Pager PDF

The Kanban is a tool for visualizing and managing work in progress. It is divided into columns and populated with sticky notes.



Community Mastery Board One Pager

Download CMB One Pager PDF

A tool for creating sustainable culture within a community through iterative trial and error.



Gameshifting One Pager

Download Gameshifting One Pager PDF

GameShifing is a tool that allows a group to better facilitate meetings by making the implicit social rules explicit, thus giving permission to shift them when useful.



  1. Jamie Swalley says:

    Drew! Wow!! Visually impeccable from where I sit. I’m stunned at the sperfection of these sheets…succinct, captivating, organized and creatively playful. Multidimensionally pleased by how you brought all these important aspects into powerfully informative one pagers! Communities of all shapes and sizes will greatly benefit from the clarity with which you present. Thank you for sharing your talent, insightfulness and love of game!

    Deeply grateful over here,

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