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Agile Learning Centers and Cooperative Platforms

I will be going to a conference this weekend called Platform Cooperativism. Here is the introduction from their website: The seeds are being planted for a new kind of online economy. For all the wonders the Internet brings us, it is dominated by an economics of monopoly, extraction, and surveillance. Ordinary users retain little control …

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I’m not grouped by age

Adults lie. It’s not that we want to lie, no one wants to lie. We just–sometimes–feel like we have to. Let me ask you something. Aside from school can you name a single place where you are grouped by age? I think segregation by age sets the stage for the many lies of school. There was …

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Failure is Cool

A few years ago I started to dabble in the collective housing and cooperative community scene, it’s something I’ve become really passionate about. As such I talk about it, a lot.  When I speak to people about cooperative living, they often listen politely and then cite a failed situation—with a roommate or cumbersome decision-making process—as proof …

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