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Cooking and Code

Today was the first day with our visiting facilitator @Abe! We played a new variation on our intention setting game. Rather than just go around in a circle stating out intentions we shared intentions in pairs, then we swapped partners and shared intentions again, after that we grew our groups and shared each other’s intentions finally ending in our normal full group configuration and sharing our (now well refined) intentions.new_intention_setting

I joined the guys and visited the future site of the Glacier View Commons. It was a fairly nice day for a walk and we got to see new parts of the neighborhood.

When we got back we started cooking. Most everyone pitched in to cook some pasta and grilled cheese rolls. Abe and I are trying to stick to a vegan diet so we could only painfully watch the cheesy goodness.

Oh cheese, how love/am addicted to you

After that I got through a bit of Eloquent Javascript during our new Book Circle time, where we use the main room as a quite space to be alone together. Time was short so I quickly went down into the computer room and finished up Code Academy’s Array and Object unit. Then helped Stevie with some of his Code Academy work.

Finally I struggled with Jill, our 3D printer, which I am able to SSH into, but still don’t quite understand how to send it print commands. Which really bums me out!

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