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Drewing and Doings

Another week at ALC Everett! I’m coming off a big high from this weekend which was spent at the Bioneers conference at the beautiful Whidbey Institute Sanctuary on Whidbey Island, which I will post more about later.

There's been much more kanban use as we move forward.
There’s been much more kanban use as we move forward.

We started the week off by setting the week, I’m excited  about tomorrow when our friend Sweetwater will be talking to us about history of colonization and we will be watching the film “Schooling the World“.

Today I didn’t get my personal intentions done! I wanted to zero out my unread messages in my e-mail inbox and also finish chapter 5 of eloquent Javascript. In the afternoon I really had to just take a nap!

However I did get the following things done:

  • Scored 15,197 on GeoGuessr (you can try and beat me)
  • Watched Last Week Tonight (LWT), where John talked about the Lotto
  • Went to the park with the house dogs (who are hairless and got really cold) where we spoke about religion.
  • I helped @stevie understand if/else if/else statements in Javascript
  • I took a nap
  • Spoke to Sweatwater and Abe about ALC and Native communities
  • Spoke with the guys about goal setting
  • Changed up the end-of-day ceremony

I really found the LWT  video about the lotto very interesting. The most shocking (or not too shocking) thing was how state government use lotto money to replace funds from other revenue streams. So they will use $1 Billion from lotto revenue on the school budget then take out the $1 Billion from corporate taxes then do away with corporate taxes. In affect they are able to use an addiction of (mostly) lower income people to pay for something that corporations used to pay for. It’s brilliant and sadistic!

Part of our end-of-day change up was to ask a question when we blog, today we asked; How could you make something from today better?

I think the goal discussion we did could have been better. Our discussion wasn’t very focused and I didn’t feel like there were very strong outcomes for all of us (some people did, but not all of us). If I could do it again I would have prepared a bit better and kept a more focused/longer discussion.

All in all an awesome day!

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