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Frustration and Learning

I’ve been doing frustrating work over the past few days. Hours of my time have been dedicated to wading through challenging problems that push the limits of my knowledge. I’ve been working on a Shopify store for one of the ALC Oahu parents who is hosting me and working on the ALC style themes for this website.

Both project have brought me into spaces where I am outside of my understanding and get really frustrated.

Reflecting on the frustration leads me to believe that what really annoys me is knowing what I want to do but lacking the knowledge to execute it. For instance I got stuck writing a bash script where I wanted to loop through a bunch of lines but didn’t know HOW to separate each line correctly.

This is how one learns in this field (especially when you don’t have experts to ask questions to in person) you have to struggle through a whole lot of muck.

I learned so much from struggling. Reading through documentation and forums. In the end I figured out an elegant solution to my shopping cart problem and fixed some major bugs in the default wordpress theme deployed across the ALC network.

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