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Game day at Everett

Today was yet another wonderful day. I woke up and cooked a great breakfast. So much of cooking is a lot about timing. Getting the greens “done” without over doing them and timing it all so each dish comes out at the same time. Its a balancing act, keeping the eggs moving and the veggies from burning. Flipping the sausages and browning the potatoes just right.

I nailed it this morning.


I feel like I’m really starting to nail the whole darn thing. Balancing all the dishes in my life. Even with set backs like my computer crapping out on me today (I’m writing this from my phone).

Our reflection question for today is to take this day and describe it as a movie. I think today would be… One where the protagonists is on top of the world then has a setback bit ultimately overcomes. Or every movie ever.

I taught some of the students about hand lettering:


Then I had an inspiring conversation with @bear about a vision for the ALC website that I’m going to bring to aspiration tech next week.

We ended the day playing board games. It was awesome! Even if I lost big time.

I played a whole lot of ukulele. I’ve been learning “little boxes”.


Today was: inspiring, lazy, funny, awesome, super!

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