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Goals and Frisbee

We played an awesome game of Two Boots today at the park. I had the kids help me add engine oil to my car, though I’m afraid I might have overfilled it… I’ll check tomorrow.

I started to map out some of my 2015 goals. I’m expanding my Kanban to manage goals, I’ll write a blog post about the goal section when it’s out of beta. Right now I’m putting all my goals on stickies on a page 2 pages before my kanban.

Goals move through a processes where they start as ideas then move to ready, when I’ve documented them on my wiki. This process is basically writing a description of the goal using the SMART method and writing out why the goal is important and what obstacles I might face. The obstacles influence what steps I need to take to finish the goal.

Once a goal is ready I write out the “action steps” that needs to be taken to achieve the goal. These action steps go on the next page, which is my monthly kanban. This then feeds into my weekly and daily kanban. I’lld document this better soon (it’s on my kanban)

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