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Introducing the sticky nav to Make child themes

The ALC Network website offers users a few theme options, the primary one which most ALC sites use is the “ALC Make Child” theme based off Theme Foundry’s wonderful theme Make (which is impossible to google). I’ve added and am currently testing a new function in the theme, sticky navigation!


This actually isn’t a new feature, but it’s a remaster of an early feature hack I put together for the ALCNYC and Mosaic websites. @tomis wanted sticky navigation so I set it up, poorly. I’ve now revisited it and made it much more powerful and robust. For the end user (you) this will be most evident in the Customization menu. When you’re logged into your site you’ll see this menu along the top bar:

customization top bar menu item

This opens up a menu that allows you to change the layout, color, and general settings on your site. Now when you are using the Agile Make Child Theme and navigate to Customize > Layout > Menu you’ll see a little checkbox to turn on sticky nav (defaults to on).

Screen Shot customize sticky nav point out

So now you can deactivate the feature on your site! It’s small, and it is part of a few other features:

  • Sticky nav can be toggled in Customize > Layout > Menu
  • Site title now sticks around on the shrunken menu bar (if there is no logo image)
  • Default settings now include Brooklyn Samuel No5 (ALC’s “official” font)
  • Default settings are greatly improved and are no longer broken (you can now set your own font)
  • Code is much more organized, making further improvements easier.

Please comment here or to me directly if you notice any problems. I’m going to jump into refactoring the code that power the sticky nav over the next week to make it work even better.

If you’re interested in some of the details about what I did I’ll be posting more about that in my soon-to-be-a-thing developer diary!


    • Drew says:

      Yes, the code for the theme is available here: https://github.com/AgileLearningCenters/alc-wp-theme-make-child

      However it’s a little bit broken at the moment, I haven’t been able to update to the latest version of the make parent theme. This probably isn’t the best implementation of a sticky shrinking nav. I would invite you to fork the code and make any pull requests (if you know how to use github like that, otherwise feel free to contact me with your alterations!)

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