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Last Week in Oaho

The second day of the ALC Experience was the start of my final week. The energy is so very high. We went to the skate park where some of us skated and others drew pictures with me.


Then off to the Bishop Museum! Where I learned about the formation of Hawaii from volcanos and in the planetarium presentation learned a bit more about the stars and constellations I had been seeing on clear nights in Wailua.

After the Museum we had time for some games. One particular game I really enjoyed was Picturka and Forbidden Island, a cooperative game where we race against a sinking island to collect treasure and escape.


For the final day of the ALC Experience the whole group came to the cut and prepared sandwiches and salad with head chef Alex.

alco experience at the cut with alex

It was a tight fit but everyone was able to hold down their roles.

alco experience at the cut serving

alco experience at the cut salad

After lunch we went down to the Humane Society to visit some of the rescue animals.



@dyson worked on cleaning up a fish tank for the Box Jelly.



Some of us even got some painting in.


The week was so jammed pack full of fun and interesting activities. It’s amazing that it all happened in 3 days. The kids who came for their first time really picked up what ALC Oahu was putting down. I’m constantly reminded how eager kids can be for self direction.

Suddenly, the last weekend

In a surprise move @ninablanco and I ran off to Maui to attend a meeting with the Maui Aloha Project (MAP). They are a group of women who have a vision for a healing center on Maui that is built within an intentional community. I’ve done work with some far out communities in the past, so the oppertunity to come along was welcomed. It also meant I was able to see more than just Oahu on my trip.

As a gift to MAP I drew an illustration of their vision.


Maui is beautiful. We had time to walk in the forest.

maui nature

Nina did an amazing job presenting ALC and ALC Oahu, there was a lot of excitement around having an ALC branch on Maui.

As the final week started I attended one last Parent Interest Night and one last day at the ALC.

alex cuts coconut on sidewalk

We left for the beach that morning. On our way to the car we ran into Alex who had brought a coconut to thank me for helping him and Seamus with their Fresh Taste Tuesday project which had been given the green light to start at Box Jelly.

drew drinking coconut water

I will miss the fresh coconut water.

It was a warm but overcast day. I swam in the ocean, had a long talk with Mandy, and played in the clear blue water with the kids. It reminded me of my first day in Hawaii on the beach with Adriana, Dyson, Seamus, Nina, and Mandy.

That night I stayed over at Nina’s. We had dinner overlooking the ocean as wetsuit clad surfers caught the last waves of the day.

last day in oahu with nina

The next day I flew out into a time warp and found myself 6 time zones and thousands of miles away.

Read more about my time in Hawaii at the ALC Oahu 2016 Debrief page.

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