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Selling Lamps

I stayed up late talking with Abe and woke up early to drive him to the airport. So I was pretty low energy today. Even though I ended up taking a nap today I feel like I got a lot done.

One thing I nailed today was getting down the morning and afternoon process:



  • Check-in: let the group know how you are feeling so they know how to interact with you today.
  • Personal Kanban: we take a few minutes to write down personal intentions for the day. This can be done individually or in small groups.
  • Transition Game: something to change the energy level and get everyone standing up!
  • Set the Day Scrum: Coordinate with other people you want to play with, set times for activities, etc.
  • Set the Day: Set individual and group activities for the day.
    • Share Individual Intentions: while we set the day also share our intentions.


  • Reflections: We talk about successes and failures in achieving our intentions.
  • Blog Question: Decide what we are going to blog about today, we come up with a question and a list that aid in our reflection process.
  • Write Blog Post: We write on our blogs till 5pm, and finish later if need be.
  • Clean Up!
  • Closing Circle: For the very end of the day we choose a person at random to light a candle and ask a reflective question, like “what are you grateful for” This closes our day.


Start of Week

  • group_kanban_possibleReview Possible Stickies: We look through the offerings that are on our group kanban
  • Add/Remove offerings: After reviewing current sticky notes we then remove stale ones and add new ideas or offerings.
  • Set the Week: Once we have an idea of what can be done we set the week.
  • Continue on to normal set the day…

End of Week

  • group_kanban_awarenessAwareness (“Change up Meeting”): This is where we review awarnesses and review our newly implemented solutions as well as check in on implementations we are practicing.
  • Continue with afternoon Process…

Selling the lamp

We were given permission to sell an old lamp that used to hang above our maker table.


By using a simple Kanban we were able to clean up the thing and do some research on what it was worth and post it to craigslist, let’s see how it sells.


After that I took a nap, then spoke with Tomis and Abe on the phone about future ALC stuff. Mainly about the ALF Summer program.

I then got started on drawing a thank you card for the Lothlorien Berkeley House where I stayed the other week when I was visiting Oakland. I’ll finish that later tonight.

New guests and parents arrived today and we had a big wonderful gratitude circle at the end of day.

As for our questions: What spirit animal were you today and why?

I feel like a bird, maybe an eagle, watching my hatchings starting to fly. I felt slow and tired today and the students were alive with creative energy. They are really kicking butt with Kanban and the cycle of intention setting/reflection.

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