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Short Week in New York

It’s blogging time at ALCNYC and I thought I’d write down a little reflection about what I’ve been up to.

CASA Consulting gig

The big news was settling my first (perhaps the first) ALC consulting gig. A few weeks ago I got in contact with Jamaal from Cornerstone Academy for Social Action (CASA) Middle School in the Bronx and spoke to him about CASA’s move toward self-directed education and our work at ALC. I then went to meet him and was thrilled by the work they were doing there!

Later @bear, @tomis@artbrock, and me wrote up a proposal to Enhance Self-Directed Learning at CASA Middle School. After a few edits and meetings we nailed it down and on Monday got confirmation! It’s very exciting and we will be starting our observation and planning within the month.

I hope this will set a foundation and give us a tool set to bring Agile Learning Tools into public schools.

Upgrading the Website

I went through the somewhat tedious process of upgrading our website to WordPress 4.3.1, you can read the release notes here. You can see all the stuff I did on the commit history of our website git repository.

Learning Spanish

I jumped back into Duolingo recently with the intention to do a 50 day streak, which means earning 20px per day for 50 days. I’m currently on day 14 and working on sizes and house hold object names.

Setting up ALF Weekend

I was inspired to pick up and run with the organizing of the upcoming ALF weekend. I wrote up a, possibly overly complicated system to work on stuff as a community remotely. I split up the weekend, which goes from Thursday to Monday into two four hour chunks each day which relate to a Trello board where people can put projects they wish to work on.

I’m really excited for the weekend and think it will be super productive.


I also paid a parking ticket! (booooo)



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