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Slurchy Day

Progress on an illustration I'm working on.
Progress on an illustration I’m working on.

I woke up late and not many people were at the morning meeting. I felt tired and lame and didn’t want to do much of anything. I had stayed up too late last night watching netflix and not falling asleep. I need to hold fast to my personal agreement to not look at screens past 11.

After a nap, though, I felt a bit better.

I did a bunch of small tasks today, squared away my tickets to NYC and plugged them into my calendar. I worked a bit on a code problem I have, but wasn’t able to figure it out.

I reviewed the Web Dev Invoice from Tommie and was able to skill share some info about spreadsheets and how to use them. He sent back this great timesheet from the IXA website work.

I followed up with some e-mails, someone from yes! magazine who was introduced to me. A Sterling family friend who might start coaching some of our students and a few others.

I wrote a blog post yesterday about better blogging and I sent the ALC Everett parents a reminder about writing a vision statement for the school which we will share next week at the end of year potluck.

For today’s question we asked what things do we do differently than other schools?

I had a talk with a student’s family friend the other day. She was taken back by the fact that we don’t teach the “normal things” like math and science. I feel so far removed from that line of thinking that I began wondering if maybe she was right. Should the kids be doing math and science in the classic school sense?

But the truth is that we could absolutely do that “math stuff”! The Agile system is perfectly suited for that in fact. I might not have a person making that offering, but there is no reason why they couldn’t.

The only difference is that I’m not going to force the students to learn that.

When I was in school I was required to go to math class. I loved geometry, it was great, it was also super easy for me and I was board out of my mind most days, sitting in class doing nothing while we went over the same shit again and again. Next year I went to Algebra 2, I was required to go to the class, but I didn’t want to learn it, so I didn’t learn it.

That’s the kicker right there. You can force kids all day long to go to a class but you can’t make them learn. So we don’t bother doing that.

Five made up words that describe your day:

  • Pofunctional: Getting things done only after a rest
  • Slurchy: Feeling like a drying out slug
  • Nappor: The feeling of wanting a nap to last longer
  • Dizoned: Being in the digital “zone”

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