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Staff CMB at ALC Oahu

One of the inspiring aspects of Agile Learning Centers is how the tools that we use with kids are also used by adults. Unlike many aspects of traditional school, like age segregation, the adults use versions of the tools that kids use. ALC Oahu has a Community Mastery Board (CMB) for the staff members to keep track of staff related norms just like the wider community uses the CMB to adjust community norms.

alco staff cmb

The staff CMB is functionally very much like the ALC Oahu CMB. Awarenesses are added at any time by anyone of the staff members. Implementations are added to that awareness card with an “I:” followed by the implementation. The cards are moved and discussed at the Staff Change Up meeting.

Like the ALC Oahu CMB this board was converted from a physical board into a digital one because staff members were often working remotely on days off so being able to reference the board from anywhere was needed.

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