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Yay School ALC Foldy

I finished the Yay School! ALC Foldy this week. A “foldy” is a piece of paper folded in half four times that creates a little book. It’s cool because you can tell a short narrative over 5 “pages” with the 5th being a large spread. Download a template here ¡también en español! Download the PDF version …

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Group Goals Kanban

This is my proposal for a group goal setting kanban as outlined in a post about ALC Everett’s group kanbans. As you can see, from Today column to the right is much the same as v1. The new areas are labeled with letters. Idea area Ideas under exploration Ready ideas Active ideas (doing) Tasks goals for …

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Conditional Rights

How do we share ownership online? I want this website to be shared, but it’s currently locked up inside my head and inside my user’s privileges. I am the admin of this website, I have all the keys and can turn all the nobs. Each subsequent admin must go through me, pass my test of …

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