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Grass Sledding, MLK, and Intention Setting – Week Two at ALC Oahu

This has been my first full week at ALC Oahu. I’ve set the week, participated in morning meetings, afternoon gratitude, trips to the beach, card playing, discussions about the legacy of Martin Luther King, and much much more. Tuesday After missing the bus, then taking it in the wrong direction I was finally able to …

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Group Goals Kanban

This is my proposal for a group goal setting kanban as outlined in a post about ALC Everett’s group kanbans. As you can see, from Today column to the right is much the same as v1. The new areas are labeled with letters. Idea area Ideas under exploration Ready ideas Active ideas (doing) Tasks goals for …

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Goals and Frisbee

We played an awesome game of Two Boots today at the park. I had the kids help me add engine oil to my car, though I’m afraid I might have overfilled it… I’ll check tomorrow. I started to map out some of my 2015 goals. I’m expanding my Kanban to manage goals, I’ll write a blog post …

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Drewing and Doings

Another week at ALC Everett! I’m coming off a big high from this weekend which was spent at the Bioneers conference at the beautiful Whidbey Institute Sanctuary on Whidbey Island, which I will post more about later. We started the week off by setting the week, I’m excited  about tomorrow when our friend Sweetwater will be talking …

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