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Daily Intention Board

After sharing an awareness that ALC Oahu wasn't marking down individual intentions at the opening meeting each day one of the facilitators came up with an elegant solution in the form of the Daily Intention Board. Everyone puts their intentions on the board and marks intentions they wish to share. At the end of this board is referenced for reflection.

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Group Goals Kanban

This is my proposal for a group goal setting kanban as outlined in a post about ALC Everett’s group kanbans. As you can see, from Today column to the right is much the same as v1. The new areas are labeled with letters. Idea area Ideas under exploration Ready ideas Active ideas (doing) Tasks goals for …

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Goals and Frisbee

We played an awesome game of Two Boots today at the park. I had the kids help me add engine oil to my car, though I’m afraid I might have overfilled it… I’ll check tomorrow. I started to map out some of my 2015 goals. I’m expanding my Kanban to manage goals, I’ll write a blog post …

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