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I took an hour today to go through a few lessons over at Khan Academy on their cryptographic course. This video was really interesting, it’s amazing how a small error can make a whole world of difference: After some time with that I set out to the Chinese Grocery with Nick and Jurr. We picked …

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Peas and Disk

Tarcca, a friend of the students, visited today. Before starting our day we watched the latest episode of Last Week Tonight: I’m really liking John Oliver’s show. It’s well researched and so very pro-people. Many of his segments are also attached to culture jamming campaigns, like the one on Tobacco where they took out ads in …

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Drewing and Doings

Another week at ALC Everett! I’m coming off a big high from this weekend which was spent at the Bioneers conference at the beautiful Whidbey Institute Sanctuary on Whidbey Island, which I will post more about later. We started the week off by setting the week, I’m excited  about tomorrow when our friend Sweetwater will be talking …

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