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Thankful for the Bittersweet

Today was a bittersweet day as it was the last day we have with Abe. It’s been a wild month and I haven’t documented nearly enough of it.

It was also a packed day at school. I Watched a great episode of Crash Course Big History:

If you haven’t started watching Crash Course you really gotta get on that. It’s amazing content!

I have also started a small gig for Playworks.ca, which is a Canadian based playground company that needs a website to show off it’s line of bridges. I am going to be making that website.

I failed, yet again, to call my lawyers and discuss paying my taxes for 2013, whoops!

Shared some photos with Abe from this time here.

I also read my new book today called The Windup Girl which was suggested to me by someone, I forget who. I had it written down on my memo pad. I walked into a book store in Berkeley looking for a Daniel Quinn book but happened upon this one, it’s title ringing out to me. It takes place in a near(ish) post oil future where calories are the main currency. I’m already pretty enthralled by it.

At the end of the day I lead a drawing skill share where I showed Nick and Jurr shading techniques. I felt like it was a little rushed and that I wasn’t really prepared… I’ll try and put something together next time.

Our question this week: What offering are you most excited about?

Permaculture with Tim, I really want to get my hands in the ground and start working on a garden for this home.

The list is all about Abe today. What are 5 fond memories with Abe?



Making cedar woven pouches.

IMG_20141128_103405Building a better culture of culture!


Walking the streets of Seattle.


Going to the Museum together


Cooking awesome food and doing a weird diet together!

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