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This Week in Reflection

So, this week. Looking back it feels so fast. I wonder what the younger people think about the week. I remember weeks taking so damn long when I was their age, but I also went to prison school which probably utilized some kind of time slowing device to maximize the return on torture.

Our question today is to look back at the week and reflect on what I’m most proud of.

I’m proud of my blog post about blogging which I wrote to summarize a discussion the ALFs had on Monday. It always feels good to say your going to do something then do it.

I’m proud of my short but successful lesson on spreadsheets with Tommie. I think he learned something valuable and will be able to build on that skill.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 4.53.28 PMI’m proud of RNGsus the Redeemer which we built on the #noCheats Minecraft server.

I’m happy that I wrote the letter to Valve to see if we could get a tour.

5 Things that were productive.

  1. I worked with a friend on a javascript problem and was able to solve it for some client work I’ve been meaning to get done.
  2. I figured out where I’m going to get my eye exam.
  3. Wednesday was no electricity day and I feel like it was a productive step to creating a culture that isn’t entirely transfixed on screens.
  4. Even though I still haven’t been able to fix it, trouble shooting my localhost issues was productive. Even as I fail I am still learning.
  5. My talk with a perspective parent and coach was very productive this week. I’m getting better at explaining why I we do this and why it’s important.

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