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Trip to Whidbey Island

We drove the van to the ferry and over to Whidbey Island where we went to visit the Whidbey Institute.

Once we arrived our guide Robert met up with us. We introduced ourselves and talked a bit about what our school was all about. Then we kanbaned what we wanted to do for the day:

out door set the day
out door set the day

We then set off to explore the land.


Ran the labyrinth…


It was beautiful



Ate some lunch

phone pics 386

We then played a cool game called “Eagle Eye” where one person stands in a central spot in the forest and counts to 30. Everyone else runs and hides, they have to be able to see the “eagle” while still being hidden. The eagle then tries to spy the other players, once they can’t see anyone they count to 20 and everyone moves closer. This process repeats until all the people are spotted or the round ends (when the eagle counts to 5 and then can’t spot the last person).

I did pretty well due to me wearing a jungle fatigues.

We then went back inside to reflected with Robert about what we liked about the day and what we might do at the institute in the future.

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