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Rice Cookers, Marsh, and Wetware – Week Three at ALC Oahu

Another fun and exciting week in Oahu. I feel like I’m starting to get into my flow. This week I went to a few events where I met awesome people. I joined the kids for some awesome play and adventures. I swam in the ocean, explored the marsh land, created a gameshifting board, and am just rockin’ it with my rice cooker!


Spinach salad, corn, cabbage, and greens, and brown rice. I love this rice cooker. It’s a shame this is my first one. It’s so easy to create inexpensive and healthy meals. I also got a Tiffin carrier for my lunches which I’ve been wanting for a while.


We resumed our normal week at ALC Oahu. I worked on the new Game Shifting board for the school, I wrote up all about it here. Then we did drama games like telephone, charades telephone, “this is not a bottle”, and a few others.

Later we talked about using our bokashi bucket in school and set an intention to bring in some food scraps next Monday.

@ninablanco and I stayed after and got really deep into flow! It felt really good. After our work session we went to the japanese market for dinner.


This was our big adventure day. We joined friend of ALC Chris from DLNR (Department of Land and Natural Resources) who took us out to the Kawainui marsh.


We first went to the marsh area to check out birds.

Photo credit: @seamus
Photo credit: @seamus
Photo credit: @seamus - The pink things are snail eggs
Photo credit: @seamus – The pink things are snail eggs
Photo credit: @seamus
Photo credit: @seamus
Photo credit: @seamus
Photo credit: @seamus
Photo credit: @seamus
Photo credit: @seamus

As we walked around Chris talked to us about wildlife, invasive species, and history of the land and people. He is incredibly knowledgeable.

Photo credit: @seamus
Photo credit: @seamus
Seamus taking photos
Seamus taking photos



Awesome day and I didn’t even get sunburnt!

After we got back and wrapped up the day I stuck around at Box Jelly and hung out for a “fireside” chat with the founders of a tech company called Buffer.

You can read a full write up in my blog post here.


With school off I slept in and lazed around my tiny apartment. Later I went to the Manoa Public Library and worked on the Gameshifting blog post.


Nina picked me up, we ate dinner and I went swimming. Later we stopped by Wetware Wednesday, a networking event for software developers in Hawaii.

Met some cool people, talked, and what-not.


Charles came in today to play some games with us. We first did Change up and intention setting then moved into playing Resistance, a werewolf like game with spies and resistance fighters. The spies won with a really brilliant feint by @adrianna.

We walked down to the beach and I played Ukulele and now I’m writing this blog post!

Read more about my time in Hawaii at the ALC Oahu 2016 Debrief page.

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